INTRODUCTION TO HTML : HTML का परिचय : एचटीएमएल क्या है



HTML का परिचय



          HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. This is text oriented language used for writing programs to create web sites. There is not need for compiling or doing anything else as you would do in any other programming language. However, there are few things which you have to take care of as you do in your text related documents. You can have Headings, Paragraphs, Bulleted text etc. You can even have tables too. However, there is no fix page layout as such. HTML does not support it. You can have the text in Bold, Italics, etc. But, each one of the above set of text, has to be tagged accordingly, eg Heading, for the text to be taken as headings. In fact Markup means this only. But, remember the file has to be text and not a word processing document. A simple ASCII text file.

                As said earlier, HTML is used to create web sites. Since we now know that the text files are created using HTML but how are these so called HTML text files going to be used. These text files are used with programs called HTML browsers, take these HTML files and create web sites/



             As said above a browser is used to create web document. It is important that your computer has more then one browser in it. It is important since it lets you view the document through more then one browser. It gives your document more versatility and makes you sure that your document would run all the browsers.

            The most popular browsers is Google Chrome .·